With significant experience working within the Australian Commercial Property industry, Mark Wizel has been a regular and active contributor in providing analysis, insight and expert commentary on transaction conditions and trends effecting the market. Over the past decade, he has been regarded as one of the most well-informed industry experts providing detailed thoughts on the relationship between Asia and Australia pertaining to both the residential and commercial property markets.

For many years he was a well-respected commercial estate agent working at CBRE where between the years of 2007 and 2020 he built a successful sales team that through consistent transactions provided him with exposure to a wide range of assets classes aiding in the building of his commercial property market knowledge.

As COVID-19 emerged as a more and more serious threat to society in 2020, Wizel decided that he would pursue a change of direction in his commercial property career as he exited CBRE and formed Wizel Property Group. Since its formation, Wizel Property Group alongside Pearl River Group (founded by long time CBRE colleague Lewis Tong) have together evolved to become an active investor, developer, and asset manager with (to date) a primary focus on the Victorian commercial property market.

Throughout 2023 it became apparent of the rise in volatility effecting the commercial property markets, this has been driven by a range of factors including the sustained raising of interest rates, inflation, lingering impacts of COVID-19, warfare, and a range of active geopolitical conflicts. Wizel felt there would be benefit in providing regular written account of how he is seeing the current landscape for commercial property in Australia and thus has created ‘Bricks & Mortar’ a newsletter style document that outlines his assessment of market challenges and opportunities.

We invite you to read his thoughts and further provide any feedback or views that you have by clicking on the below link that will connect you directly to Wizel.

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